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The Wood Collection


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"My girl loves it. Her attention span was usually less than 5 mins but I tried reading the My ABC cards with her, I managed to get her attention for 15 mins! Truly glad and shall try out with other cards. Thanks for the recommendation!"

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"Thank you! Was amazed that he was able to identify which face was which feeling. Activities are easy to use and has instructions for parents."

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"I love how these resources come with a list of learning objectives. On top of these objectives, there's so much more we can do. We focus on identifying colours, sorting fruits and for older children, can learn about sequencing."

Mummy Sherry Peng

"The products are well laminated with minimal sharp edges which keeps my child safe while playing. My child finds the use of velcro very interesting and it excites her to want to keep playing. The printing is large enough for my child to focus on and the choice colors used aren't too confusing for her."


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