Alphabet Reversible Wooden Board

Alphabet Reversible Wooden Board


Learn alphabet using the sense of touch! Our reversible alphabet board provides a fun learning experience with many ways to play!

Let your child's creativity flows with the enless ways of playing: tracing, filling with beads/ poms poms, crayon rubbing, play dough pressing, and games such as "what fruit starts with letter A" or "trace the letters to spell the word car".


It helps your child to follow the path, feel the shape of each letter and practise fine motor skills. The reversible board is engraved on both sides, so you will have best of both worlds- lowercase on one side and uppercase on the other side.


It comes with a tracing stick or your child can simply trace with his/her finger.


Age group: 3 years old and above.

Material: Solid wood

Size: 29cm by 29 cm


Shipping: 14 to 25 days

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